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Our business is headquartered in Brighton and accommodates customers in nearby areas. We are of service to customers in West Sussex and East Sussex.

Airport Eagles is proud to present our expert staff that is friendly and courteous. Our corporate chauffeur taxi to Brighton guarantees promptness, safety, and comfort.

We’ll save you time and allow you to focus on preparing your meetings and presentations while gliding comfortably seated in the back of our immaculate vehicle.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, check out our reasonably priced economy cars. They are modern, safe, and ready to take you into your leisure adventures.  Our hard-working and committed director is more than happy to provide customized and friendly interactions to all of our clients.

With our hands-on approach, airport taxi service to Brighton is always personalized and tailored to your travel needs.


Telephone: +441273569030
Mobile: +44 753 300 5477


Telephone: +44 753 300 5477



We're nothing like all the massive Brighton mini cab companies out there. If you contact us, you'll get in touch with our firm director. He'll then proceed to manage any and all of your booking requirements.
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